on Monday, 1 December 2008

Today I was introduced to a new hobby/game by my colleagues. Its called Geocaching. Its a high tech treasure hunting type of game. Apparently its played all over the world, or at least in the developed countries. It was fun to play this game. We took note of some geo coordinates and clues from the site, a GPS unit that shows geo coordinates, a camera and a paper and a pen and we headed out to find the cache.
The first one had a clue of "Fishy". We know about a pond near our office building. So we headed down there while checking the GPS to be sure that we were going in the right direction. We were right, the coordinates were near the pond. When we arrived near the coordinates, all we saw was a tree. What could be hidden there? We had 3 people in our group and we started looking around. After searching for about 5 minutes, we found a camaflogue bottle hidden in the branches of the tree. When we opened it, we found the cache !! We registered our visit in a paper in the cache and took pictures and kept it back at the same place !! Even though it was a worthless treasure, it was really fun to find it !! I'm into geocaching now !!

Deflation in Global Economy

on Saturday, 1 November 2008

With credit crunch hard hitting the entire world, there is a growing euphoria that this would lead to deflation in Global Economy(positive if it's for short period.)
This has already lead to slashes in crude oil prices.
This has also spawn fears that the fast developing economies (China and India) which expanded their capacities may dump their commodities in Developed nations to keep running the factories and stave off employees.
This would turn out to be positive for these economies unless the developed nations come out of recession before christmas.
If the deflation continues after christmas, the fast developing economies may shed work force, slash wages and more lay offs.
This would also have impact on politics with people turning towards carl marx......

Hope this christmas brings back hope and cheers...
- Nhanna

Should Dhoni be fired?

on Sunday, 26 October 2008

With the 3rd test match between India and Australia just ahead, media is buzzing over Kumble's retirement, or, should I say Indian media's favorite mantra "don't look at the senior players' past records, fire them if they don't perform in a match or two". Well, I myself am not a big supporter of looking at players' past records alone in selecting them for upcoming matches. But that doesn't mean, you should start talking about their forced retirement if they don't perform in a match or two.

Sure, we need to give opportunities for young players. A 35+ years old player may bowl well or bat well, but when it comes to fielding, it's hard for them to be as active as youngsters (there are some exceptions like Jayasurya).

My point is, the senior players should look at their own abilities and retire while giving way to youngsters. Nobody should force them out. Look at Kumble's past records, he has taken lot of wickets, and most of them were match-winning-wickets. He is a great player. He should be given a graceful retirement. This is applicable to all seniors like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman & Ganguly.

Dhoni is a great captain and player. But what happens if he fails in a couple of matches. Will he be fired or will the media demand that he be fired?

Let's give our seniors a graceful farewell.

India's moon mission - Chandrayaan-I

on Thursday, 23 October 2008

Woo Hoo !! This is my first entry on this blog !!

India launched their first unmanned space craft (Chandrayaan-I) to moon on 22 Oct 2008. It's an historic feat for them. But there are lot of critics who oppose this project. Critics in India argue that the money that was spent on this mission, $80 million, could well be spent on other projects to eradicate poverty. I'm not going to argue over that. That's a different discussion in itself.

This morning, my colleagues in the US were criticizing about this mission. I'm going to talk about them. They were saying that "India is a country where cows and stray dogs roam around the streets. Monkeys snatch food from humans. Communal clashes are part of their life. It's a big joke that they are launching a space craft to moon. What are they going to achieve by doing this?"

I wanted to say "Dude, there could be so many reasons that India might be doing this. There is no clear cut map of moon available now; there is a theory that Helium-3 is avaialble in abundance there - if so, is it possible to make use of it for the human race in earth, etc. This is not a project that the whole world mourns about; this is something even NASA wants to do - in fact, they have sent 2 of their own payloads along with India's 5 payloads and European Unions 3 payloads. Also, when US entered the space race 50 years ago, the main purpose was to beat Russia. I'm sure there were lot of problems back then which they could have solved instead entering space race. Moreoever, this is not a space race." Well, I didn't say this on his face.

But, just because someone is poor, we cannot deny his dreams or his ambitions. Who knows one day India might be a super power just like US !!

Under arm Cricket

on Saturday, 18 October 2008

Though it has lot of fun playing underarm, it is not legal. It's the most disgraceful moment in cricket.

Most disgraceful moment in cricket - Aus Vs NZ